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10 Sustainable Brands For Eco-Conscious Surfers

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10 Sustainable Brands For Eco-Conscious Surfers

As surfers, we naturally feel an affinity for our blue planet and a desire to protect it from the abundant threats associated with climate change, unchecked development and heavy industry. 

However, we also rely on kit to facilitate and enhance our experience of being in the outdoors, of searching for waves and of course, of surfing itself. For most of history, a lot of that kit has been made using materials and processes that aren’t all that kind to mother earth. However, the last few years have seen a shift, led by an ever-growing number of brands from across the surf and outdoor spectrum, who’ve been working tirelessly with innovative new materials and modes of production to greatly lessen their impact on the planet. 

At Wavelength, we take eco-credentials seriously, building up a range of brands in our online shop with dedicated sustainability agendas. Here, we’ll run through some of the specific steps they’re taking to ensure you get the high-quality gear you need without destroying the planet in the process. 


Founded by 11X World Champ Kelly Slater, Outerknown was born of the desire to show the apparel industry that it’s possible to build a successful brand that puts sustainability and respect for people and planet at the heart of everything it does. 

From t-shirts made from 100% organic cotton, (which cuts out all the harmful synthetic chemicals used to grow conventional cotton,) to trunks made from recycled ocean plastics, Outerknown is proud to say that 90% of all its fabrics are either organic, recycled or regenerated. And they don’t plan to stop there. Plus, through their Fair Trade USA partnership, they’ve invested in the livelihoods of over 5 thousand workers in the 5 years since they launched their first threads.  The collection features an array of stylish and durable pieces, designed for surfers who don’t want to dress like surfers all the time. 

Shop Outerknown:

Outerknown Nomadic Volley Short - Marine


Outerknown Groovy Pocket Tee - Saffron


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With their new Low-Velocity range, boardsports kingpins Globe have stepped off the fast-fashion treadmill, replacing seasonal releases with a collection of timeless year-round essentials. Of course, that in itself cuts out a huge amount of energy use and waste, however, the range is also crafted from much more sustainable materials too. It includes tees, crews and shirt made from 100% organic cotton, shorts made from recycled polyester and prime puffer jackets, filled with certified down, lined with recycled nylon and wrapped in a recycled polyester shell. Of course, the clothes still look sharp too, holding true to Globe’s timeless style notes. 

Shop Globe:

Globe Every Damn Day Long sleeve T-shirt - Honey - Discontinued

£22.50 £45.00

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Yogi Bare

Founded by yoga enthusiast Kat Pither, Yogi Bare set out to develop a range of eco-sensitive products aimed at making the practice accessible to all. While the brand offers a variety of gear, their bright and bold range of high-quality non-stick mats, made from sustainably sourced rubber and dyed with non-toxic water-based inks, are undoubtedly the collection’s centre-piece. They’re biodegradable, vegan and delivered in 100% recycled packaging. Plus, for every one they sell, they plant a tree at Moy Tree Farm, a re-foresting project located on Ireland’s west coast, founded and run by acclaimed Cornish surfer Matt Smith. 

Shop Yogi Bare:

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Californian born Sunski specialise in creating high-quality polarised sunnies from recycled plastics. Since the very beginning, the brand was determined to use sustainable materials in their frames and when they couldn’t find a material to satisfy their needs, they made their own. The result was SuperLight, a specialised resin made from scrap plastic, intercepted from the waste stream and reformulated into a material that’s stronger, lighter and more comfortable than anything on the market. The brand also offer a lifetime warranty and will fix or replace your shades if they break during normal use. Plus, as a member of the 1% for the Planet scheme, they’ve already donated thousands of dollars to environmental causes. And, as if that wasn’t enough, they recently achieved complete carbon neutrality, meaning they offset all their energy consumption with carbon credits. 

Shop Sunski:

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Arvin Goods

Arvin was created with the aim of making the cleanest basics on the planet, starting with a really good pair of sustainable socks. Because most socks are not at all good for the planet (apparently the average pair uses 50 gallons of water!) and since 85% of used textiles end up in landfill, they figured why not start by rescuing and recycling as much of that as they could. After turning waste material back into yarn, they blend it with hemp biofibres, organic cotton and colour it with natural plant dyes. The results is a range of seriously comfortable, seriously good looking socks that help you to tread much more lightly on the planet.  

Shop Arvin Goods:

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Salt & Stone

Salt and Stone specialise in creating high-quality skincare products using a blend of natural and organic components. These include active ingredients supported by scientific research and clinical results, producing products with abundant benefits for both the planet and your skin. In terms of sustainability, their credentials are solid. Not only do they steer clear of artificial fragrances, sulfates, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates and GMOs, but they make sure all the ingredients they do use are grown ethically and organically. Their packaging is recycled and recyclable, they never test on animals and all their products are manufactured using renewable energy from solar and hydroelectric. 

Shop Salt & Stone:

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Slowtide are all about beautiful towels and blankets emblazoned with original art and funky prints. Each is made with care to minimise their environmental impact as far as possible, with all their cotton sourced through the Cotton LEADS program, an independent authority offering assurance to brands that their raw materials are responsibly produced. 

All of their polyester products are made from 100% post-consumer waste, including recycled plastic bottles.  Everything they make also exceeds the standards set by ‘Oeko-Tex Standard 100’, which means they’ve been independently certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be damaging to human health.

Shop Slowtide:

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Founded with a view to tackling the ever-growing issue of single-use plastics, KeeCup offers coffee lovers a way to ensure they’re part of the solution rather than the problem with their high-quality cups for life. 

Beyond saving around 8 billion single-use cups from landfill a year, the brand works tirelessly to ensure its entire supply chain has the lowest possible impact. They’re also completely transparent about the materials they use and why they chose them, allowing customers to learn and make an informed decision about which of Keepcup’s various constructions best suits their needs. 

They’re certified B-Corp, which means they adhere to a rigorous set of standards focused on making a positive difference to their employees, customers, current and future generations and the natural world. And, they’re a member of 1% for the Planet, which sees them donate a proportion of their annual sales to environmental causes. 

Shop KeepCup:

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Sympl are surf hardware specialists with a full commitment to sustainability. Their traction pads are made with special Eco-Good foam, so they will biodegrade once they’re in landfill. Of course, they’re totally resistant to salt water and sun, keeping you locked to your board as long as you need them to, but when you’re done, they’ll eventually be eaten up by microbes, leaving no trace. The brand’s leashes are made from recycled plastic bottles, as well as the bits you need to ensure a durable, functional leg rope, including TPU cord and a quick release ankle cuff with super-grip velcro. And all their orders are packed up and shipped in recycled and biodegradable packaging too. 

Shop Sympl:

Sympl Bucket Bag

£35.00 £75.00

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Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask is a world leader in vacuum insulated bottles; the perfect replacement to the environmentally destructive single-use plastic container. Of course, the product’s real environmental impact is derived from just how many single-use bottles it saves from the waste-stream. Beyond that, their containers are made almost entirely from steel, which means they’ll last for a really long time and can be recycled at the end of their life. 

To aid with environmental access and protection, Hydro Flask run a charitable scheme called ‘Parks for All’ which aims to build, maintain, restore and improve access to public green spaces, with over 80 thousand dollars already donated to a variety of non-profits.

Shop Hydro Flask:

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