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Yogi Bare and the connection between Yoga and the Sea - Part 1

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Yogi Bare and the connection between Yoga and the Sea - Part 1

Ride the Wave with Yogi Bare

Yogi Bare helps you find your flow when you feel a little lost at sea and life’s current is pulling you under. Brand founder Kat Pither helps you find inspiration, community support and creative comfort. She reminds you of your infinite depth and wonder, that even when the surface gets a little rough, changeable and choppy you remember that under the sea there is a whole beautiful world that still exists and still lives on, just as with ourselves.

In an upcoming series of our Buyers Notes, we will be exploring the inspirations behind the Yogi Bare Flow Paws Yoga Mat and sharing some exclusive interviews between Kat and and some inspiring people that feel drawn to the water. 


First up is Clara Jonas. Designer, model, surfer and Wavelength friend. Words and interview by Kat. 

"Our sweet friend Clara Jonas is not only the incredibly talented illustrator behind the Yogi Bare rebrand but also the hottest artist in town having collaborated with Vans and Finisterre to name a few. A true siren of the sea, Clara surfs and works between Cornwall and the French coast, you can see the magic and her creative philosophy reflected in her work so we thought we’d dive a little deeper"

"Your work is heavily influenced and inspired by the Ocean. Tell us a little bit"

I think we can all agree on the benefits of the ocean across a multitude of areas; be that our physical and mental health, spiritual and ephemeral connection, or indeed our creative flow and inspiration. It is at once this ancient, fathomless thing attached to so many stories and mythologies, and yet also an extension of our own life force and personal sense of being, which is why I think it resonates so strongly with so many people. For me, it has just so much meaning within it that a creative can pull inspiration from; be that creation myths and monsters, or the science of ocean water and wave frequencies, then the more ephemeral and abstract connections we as humans have. The ocean as a symbol of freedom and horizons, and the state we fall into when in the Ocean; there are so many cross sections of possibility within the stories around saltwater that it is impossible to succinctly express them.

Clara Jonas Surf 

"To me, with in your work there is definitely an undercurrent of exploring Goddesses, strong female deities, sirens and femininity. Would you say that the ocean inspires a this kind of female energy and what can we learn from it as a woman?"

Visually, I love the rich aesthetics and sense of power always attributed to Goddesses and female deities from all cultures and contexts and I think acknowledging the power in leaning into femininity (not in the gendered or limited sense) is something we are all moving towards collectively and personally. The ocean is an example of feminine and masculine in harmony; the same entity expressing both energies. However, I do think that due to our modern context and prior dispositions to more masculine and patriarchal ways of interacting and existing on this planet, the power of female and feminine energy is rising up to regain balance, and is so abundant in our interactions with nature and need to reconnect with nature.

The ocean epitomises this, and is where a sense of being can be felt, and in that, a connection to wider/higher self and power. From a mythological/ historical sense, there are so many representations of the sea as being raw, unbridled, all powerful and all encompassing, but also as gentle, fluid and adaptable. These are then being attributed to female deities and entities, which I feel is a metaphor for the feminine qualities we are seeing today gaining more power in our collective and personal psyche.

How does the Ocean make you feel? What do you love most about it?

Simply, it makes my head that bit quieter.
There is a sense of expanse and vastness that makes
worldly problems and fear feel less significant, and a connection to your own physicality that makes you fall out of your head and into your body. It’s the good stuff.

Tell us about an A-ha! Moment of perspective you found amongst the waves?

Haha, there have been many, but I guess that one moment of perspective would be realising the insignificance of your problems as a human, and in that the release of your own importance and a sense of freedom. However these moments of euphoric enlightenment don’t last as long as I would like, and pretty soon I’m checking my emails again.

Best piece of advice or words for riding the waves of life and its highs and lows?

Recently what has resonated with me is the awareness that all will be unfolding anyway, with or without your mental energy and persistance around it, and that trying to control outcomes and events is impossible. Trying to find the space and the quiet moments in between is where the meaning and sense of being here lies.

Clara Jonas Creative

What does flow mean to you?

It means to come from a space of light and calm, as opposed to one of desperation and intense mental activity. To reflect and respond rather than just react, and channel something which goes beyond your mind and head.


How do you find flow in your life? What rituals do you have?

As always these rituals flow in and flow out of my life, and I am constantly aware of how I can better them and myself, but that’s not really the point I guess. I think of super importance is nature and fresh air, and I do try and get outside before trying to be productive as it quietens the head. Also lots of awareness of breathing whenever I am fearful or anxious. Anything that creates space and brings awareness to the body and being here.

Any final words?

I don’t think it’s about cultivating a perfect routine or way of interacting with your world, but instead about finding a mindset that accepts yourself always and realises the vastly bigger picture. Thanks for having me, you are so great. Love you x


Surf Yogi tips

Well you can’t expect to go and face a big life wave without some preparation work and tools can you? Life waves are inevitable but to ensure you aren’t swept out by the current there are things you can do to support yourself and ensure a life buoy is always near by if you feel lost at sea.

We call this artillery your surf wax:

1. Make your social media a non toxic place. Unfollow any account who makes you feel on edge, triggers you or makes you feel not enough. Your life is too majestic to be coerced into being made to feel small for not doing squats every time you make a cup of tea.

2. Reframe into a positive. Instead of focusing on the concept of letting go and radically chopping things and habits out of your life. Why don’t you reframe it as a super positive? What do you absolutely love about your life? What are you surprised you miss and really matters to you? And what did you used to not be able to live without that you’ve barely given a second thought. Beyond this we will be living much simpler lives full of meaningful moments and things that bring us true joy.

3. Make a list of things that you always wish you had time to do but never seem to: all the unread books, all the un watched movies that you pretended you’d seen all the way through (The Godfather anyone?), painting, making, DIY, baking.

4. Create some playlists for different moods.Play it loud. Play it proud.

5. Buy some plants. Bring the outside in. Plants to nurture, plants to love on.

6. Train your thoughts. When you train a dog to walk by your side you stop & heel regularly. Do the same with your thoughts. Catch & notice when they are spinning off. Take a step back & remind yourself it’s not helpful or real. Heel as many times as you need. Treat your anxiety like the naughty puppy it is & love on it instead of letting it pounce & lick you to death.



Our favourite Yogi Bare yoga mat

For when you feel lost at sea … Yogi Bare bring you FLOW. A first of its kind, Yogi Bare innovation. After nearly two years of testing, they have managed to create a photographic print on eco-conscious high-performance rubber.

  • Yogi Bare Infamous Grip, Naturally. It wouldn't be Yogi Bare without it
  • Smooth but anti slip PU top + 100% natural and sustainable rubber base
  • Dimensions: 180cm x 66cm - slightly longer and wider than your average yoga mat giving you more room to play

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