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Dark Seas

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Dark Seas
  Since 2009, Dark Seas has ventured past the shoreline to create timeless designs inspired by the human spirits natural draw to water. Forged by the wayward kind, Dark Seas dives into the depths of originality by mixing honorable traditions with a wave of disruptiveness. From untamable seas to the local watering hole, Dark Seas encourages a new generation of voyagers to explore their own path. Where the compass takes you from here, is up to you.

Dark Seas Headmaster Premium Tee - Black


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Dark Seas dropped at Wavelength HQ recently and we love this seasons collection. From caps to change towels, beanies to recycled cotton tees, the Dark Seas graphics draw inspiration from the mystery of the seas. 

Dark Seas Bankside Recycled Tee - Navy

£22.00 £40.00

Shop the full Dark Seas collection here

Dark Seas Headmaster

The Headmaster T-shirt - A Dark Seas staple from season to season

Dark Seas ethos and flavour taps into the inner pirate in all of us. Salty sea dogs who wonder if mermaids are swimming below us in Davy Jones' locker while we attempt to tame the waves on the surface. 

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