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Dark Seas - Your Go-To

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Dark Seas - Your Go-To
Since 2009, Dark Seas has ventured past the shoreline to create timeless designs inspired by the human spirit's natural draw to water. Forged by the wayward kind, Dark Seas dives into the depths of originality by mixing honourable traditions with a wave of disruptiveness. From untamable seas to the local watering hole, Dark Seas encourages a new generation of voyagers to explore their own path. Where the compass takes you from here, is up to you.

Alongside vibrant graphics with a dark and edgy feel, Dark Seas offers everything from daily wear to practical, technical pieces and everything in between. All inspired by the ocean and those that live with it as a focus in their lives. 

Dark Seas

A staple in each season's line up from Dark Seas is their Go-To Collection which is understated, yet stylish, subtly branded and timeless. 

A small chest embroidery of Dark Seas Cross Tridents logo is a subtle nod to the brand and the connection to the ocean while the garment dyed process gives that worn, let's say, weather beaten and well loved appearance. 

"The clue is in the name and of course this will be your go to, comfy wear for a long time to come. Pigment dyed and embroidered with a worn look, the Dark Seas Go-To range will be a wardrobe staple for years."

Dark Seas Go-To Pullover Fleece Hoodie - Maroon

£45.00 £85.00

Dark Seas Go-To Pullover Fleece Hoodie - Alpine

£45.00 £85.00

Dark Seas UK

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