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Drive In Cinema Gear Essentials

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Drive In Cinema Gear Essentials

With Wavelength’s Drive In Cinema screening epic surf films, cult classics and family fun favourites all summer long at a venue Time Out are calling one of the most beautiful outdoor cinema settings in the world, you’re all set to come and join the fun at beautiful Watergate Bay, Newquay.
Well, almost. You’ll want to grab your tickets first... and fast. They’re selling faster than Bodhi freefalling out of the big blue California sky, chute unopened, shouting, “Nah man... You pull it!” to Agent Utah as they hurtle towards the Santa Ana desert.   
Once you’ve picked your favourite show, chosen a ticket offer to suit you and your crew, there’re are a few other things to bear in mind to help you make the very most out of your drive-in experience. Like what gear to bring with you. 
As luck would have it, our team of product experts have curated a range of top picks of the finest quality, well-built sustainable products to help you do the event in style.  

Wavelength Heritage Tracksuit

 Wavelength Heritage Tracksuit 

While Cornish summers in recent years have been sultry afternoons more akin to Viarreggio than Venton Gimps, the Atlantic breeze is still known, on occasion, to freshen things up. Fret not, sundowners, we’ve got the comfort of tracky bums and tops with heritage Wavelength styling to see you maintaining homeostasis while looking every bit the WL superfan you are. Oh, and don’t worry about being mistaken for WL staff and being asked if the pico de gallo in the foodtruck burritos is shade grown organic (it is), or simply asked to have a selfie taken with you, as our staff will all be exclusively dressed in Lance Burkart concentric nipple ring body paint costume from the party scene in North Shore, throughout summer 2021... even when they're not working. You’re all good. 

More warm gear for cold evenings:


Lightning Bolt Venice Surf Co. Crew - Heather Grey

£49.00 £68.00

Outerknown Hightide Half Zip Hoodie - Cedar

£75.00 £110.00

Snow Peak Seat Pillow

Snow Peak Seat Pillow

Much like tequila, Brexit bants and SUP’s*, there’s a right time and right place for a sore bum. We’ve all had them, and if we’re being completely honest, regret was only part of the complex range of emotions that went alongside the physical discomfort in the immediate aftermath. But chilling in the most beautiful outdoor cinema setting in the world watching your favourite cult classic isn’t the time or the place, so look after your glutes and cheeks in comfort and style. Snow Peak’s Seat & Pillow is a comfortable inflatable seat, which can be folded in two to make a pillow, perfect for camping, sports events… and Drive In Cinema chill time. Whether you go full lotus, or a Gaugin Tahitian women elbow propped side lean - totally your call.


More seating options:


Salt & Stone Facial Wipes

Salt & Stone Facial Wipes

A cleansing individually-wrapped bamboo facial wipe, super handy for beach days, or any days. Use as a cleanser for travel, post workout, makeup and sunscreen removal or just a mid day refresh. This hydrating wipe is biodegradable and free of chemicals or synthetic fragrance. 

More skincare on the go:


Hydro Flask 20 L Day Escape™ Soft Cooler Pack

Hydro Flask 20L Day Escape Soft Cooler Pack

36 hours. Six tides. Eighteen two hour surf sessions. Two hundred and sixteen consecutive UV resin ding repair cures. Also the length of time this devilishly good bag can keep up t24 cans cold for. Load her up Friday breakfast, and your beverages will still be chill on Saturday night! Dual-carry options include a removable cross-body strap and comfortable shoulder straps so you can go further. So, go ahead, let adventure be your guide.

More ways to keep your drinks cool:


Outerknown Blanket

Outerknown Blanket

To avoid hampering your picnicking by being under-blanketed, for supreme beach hangs, for dreamy stargazing hoping your companion is similarly keen for a daring glimpse of Uranus, the Cusco Plaid has it. Organic cotton and recycled fishing nets keep the planetary vibes wholesome, why it’ll even rolls up to clip down on the back of your Harley, if that’s the way your mid life crisis has manifested. 

More great blankets: 



*Inland waterways

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