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Essentials for Surfing in the UK in April

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Essentials for Surfing in the UK in April

As we (very) gradually move into Spring, the days have become longer, the weather is most definitely trying it's hardest to improve and in-between the April showers, glimmers of sunny, apres work surfs are on the horizon. 

The water is still chilly but there is change afoot and it'll soon be time to ditch the hood, gloves and boots - in that order and slip into something a little more comfortable.

Below is a curation of essentials for surfing in the UK in April from our buyer James. 

The 4/3

Every surfer knows that special feeling of sliding into a thinner wetsuit for the first time after a long winter pulling on thick rubber for short surfs. 

The perfect thickness for most of the UK in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn is the 4/3 - still offering warmth yet a little more flexibility. Vissla and Sisstr offer a vast range of 4mm wetsuits that'll keep you surfing for longer, in comfort this spring. 

Vissla 7 Seas 4-3 Chest Zip Full Suit- black


Browse all Vissla here
Browse all Sisstr here

The Boots (while we still need them)

Usually the first wetsuit accessory to be adopted for winter and the last to come off in spring, wetsuit boots are still relevant throughout April. From slit toe to round, mens and women's specific fits and various thicknesses we have a whole host of booties available...


Browse all wetsuit accessories here 

Changing in Comfort 

At the beach, from the boot, by the van, in the garden, getting in and out of your kit, quickly and comfortably relies on having the right gear. Here are some must haves from our recent delivery from FCS 

FCS Shelter All Weather Poncho


Browse all FCS here 

Keeping it Together 

Keeping kit together, car and home clean and clothes dry for the post surf coffee is your dry bag - from travel packs to basic waterproof bags and everything in between, treat yourself to some new luggage that will last you for years to come 

FCS Wet / Dry Bag - Large


Handy Extras

Who doesn't love a gadget? Especially when they're handy, serve a purpose and make your day a whole lot easier. From security to tools here a few bits to keep you surfing with a smile on your face. 

FCS Ratchet Tool


FCS Keylock - Large


The surfboard non-negotiables 

Some pieces of equipment are more suited to certain styles of surfing or surfboard choice than others but there are some that are very important at any level in any line up. 

Fins, leashes, wax and maybe tail pads. With so many options available, the few below hardly scratch the surface so click through and discover the combo that's right for you - Remember we're always here to advise if needed. 

FCS II Deus Modern Keel Fins


Stoked Style

Surfed out and smiling, you're heading to beach bar for sundowners and snacks - so you gotta look the part... Head to our 'New In' page to browse this season's freshest new arrivals, here's a little inspiration... 

Hoy Downtown Pigment Dyed Crew Neck Sweater - Dusty Road


Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt - Bay Leaf


Outerknown Ambassador Slim Fit Jeans - Baja Blue


Women's Hoy Downtown Organic Crop T-shirt - Misty Night


Outerknown Women's Sojourn L/S T-shirt - Marine / Bright White Stripe


Outerknown Women's S.E.A Suit - Tarmac Grey

£90.00 £150.00

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