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Florence Marine X

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Florence Marine X
The surfing community has followed John John Florence and his almost super human ability in the water since he first appeared, surfing the world class waves of the North shore as a grom, many years ago. 

Recently, the 2 x surfing world champion and olympian has been working on his new project. The outdoor apparel brand 'Florence Marine X'

"We want to explore, have fun, learn, and challenge ourselves. We're building things that motivate us to get outside and thrive in the elements, while doing our best to protect the ocean and the land."

- John John Florence
Co-Founder, 2X World Champion Surfer & Olympian

At Florence Marine X, the team have been building things to improve people’s experience in the elements. Venturing outside and enjoying your environment for long periods of time requires gear that does its job when you call on it. 

Anything they bring to market has been tested, battered, bruised and stretched until reports from the field – whether from John John just out from a session at a massive outer reef or from a designer who just descended from an alpine run – tell us that we’ve got it right. 

Florence Marine X are not interested in fast fashion or flooding the market with pointless, cheaply-made products. They’re taking a different route. One built on adherence to quality, performance and a responsibility to look after the places we  all explore.

Florence Marine X

With forty one years at sea, we at Wavelength continue to explore and support new stories and projects within the world of surf and beyond. We believe in "Surfing more, getting outdoors and living sustainably" and our brand mix supports this philosophy.

We're proud to offer our collection from Florence Marine X 


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