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FoamLife MULLY Flip Flop Review

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FoamLife MULLY Flip Flop Review

My life was going ok. Well, meandering a bit, to be honest.

In terms of my dedication to living my best, of being the change I wanted to see, I suppose I was phoning it in, kinda.

The path I’d taken wasn’t terrible, it was just all a bit.... conventional.

That is, until the FoamLife MULLY flip flop came along.  

If premium looks, exceptional comfort, and a big focus on sustainability are your things, it’ll do great things for you, too. As soon as I slipped my above average width, average length, fairly low arch feet into the MULLY, the ‘soft to step’ brushed recyclable TPE foam footbed caressed them lovingly and securely, as if whispering ‘welcome home’ to each and every of the 200,000 nerve endings contained on my soles. 

The 100% Hemp canvas upper with organic cotton lining felt exceptional against my skin. Hemp has long been one of my favourite plants; I look to incorporate it into as much of my day as possible. Now, in my FoamLife MULLY flip flops, its strength and sustainable durability literally carry me about earth’s surface as I step from one adventure to the next (like this very morning, school drop off to the DIY shop to exchange the wrong size orbital sander paper). 

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The MULLY doesn’t rest on its upper and footbed laurels, mind. Perhaps my very favourite part of all, is the toepost. ‘The what post?’ you ask. Toe post; it’s the bit that goes between big and second toe, and you’ll disregard it at your peril. Luckily, the visionaries at FoamLife have paid it due diligence, and have come up with a beauty; yes, it’s made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles, and yes it’s so comfortable you won’t even know it’s there. Well, until you glance down at your premium flip flops and remember, serendipitously, that that wee piece of post is helping save the planet, each and every step you take. 

Perhaps best of all, the MULLY is PVC free and 100% vegan friendly. It won’t ask where you get your calcium, protein, or utter that fascinating, insightful reveal, “Well, I just couldn’t give up... (insert name of non vegan dish)". What's more, as well as friendly, the MULLY is reliable; a recyclable TPE branded traction outsole means you step with purchase as well as purpose.

Sure, I know what you’re thinking: isn’t barefoot better? If we really want to cast off the shackles of western consumer capitalism and alleviate suffering? Hmmm. That’s a tricky one; yes and no. 

I love barefoot as much as the next, I’ve read Born To Run, I’ve always been a big Zola Budd fan, but there are obvious drawbacks. Shards of glass and lawn bindis among them, but most are human constructs rather than the physical pain of unseen sharps.   

Security guards won’t let you in the supermarket barefoot, for one. I was only popping in for a box of quinoa from the organic aisle early in spring, but the beefy, bearded short back n’ sided enforcer was having no truck with my ancient grain plight. “No footwear, no quinoa.” he grunted from behind big biceps and sad little eyes. 

“Shanti. Shanti. Shanti-li” I replied, bearing no grudge.

That was before FoamLife recently came into mine. Nowadays, I don’t need to live outside Leclerc’s customer rules, I stride comfortably and confidently in my premium looking sustainable FoamLife MULLYs. I still visit the store in question, your man still works there. Sometimes we think about hugging, but social distancing means it remains, for now, but a fleeting shared thought.

For now, it’s just a respectful, fraternal nod. He glances down at my FoamLife MULLY flip flops, tinge of regret in his aura. Those hours at the gym, those three roast chickens for breakfast. For now, his life has taken a different path.

Luckily for him, he can still turn it all around for a mere £34.99

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