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Gift Ideas For The Blue Crush Bandit

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Gift Ideas For The Blue Crush Bandit

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This Bosworth-bonkers millennial honed her surf life based on her adoration of seminal surf classic Blue Crush – a genuine catalyst for swathes of frothing females getting into the surf (as chronicled by us in an interview with star Keala Kennely) one hibiscus-ed rash vest and puka shell necklace at a time back in the early noughties. Likely to be heard uttering “this is SO Blue Crush” whilst running down the beach in boardshorts with her equally as Blue Crush-rabid posse. Owns a battered BC DVD that’s seen more action than the downtown massage parlour. Hawaii-obsessed, daydreams regularly about upping sticks to The North Shore to finally fulfil her BC fantasy and redeem her Kama’aina discount.

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