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Gift Ideas For The Core Waterwoman 

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Gift Ideas For The Core Waterwoman 


gifts for surfers

Doesn’t give two figs for being cool, looking cool, or caring for what’s cool. Didn’t start surfing for the aspirational element, is a die-hard water lover, come rain or shine (better the rain or freezing: less wannabes and kooks in the water). Always the first to be found at dawn paddling out, and the last to leave. Studies surf reports with the well-trained, keen eye of a meteorologist cum ocean scientist. Practical to the core, shirks what looks cute for what is likely to withstand her focussed daily jaunts into the wilderness expertly hunting un-populated peaks (which she WON’T share on social media. Fat chance). Most likely to head towards the Arctic on her annual surf trip VS towards the equator.  Stoked to her very core on surfing, and will always choose a dawnie over a party. 


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