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Gift Ideas For The Cross-Stepping Influencer

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Gift Ideas For The Cross-Stepping Influencer

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The ever-swelling population of cross-stepping ladies in high-waisted old school ‘kinis is reaching its zenith, with lineups counting a profusion of single-fin fiends thanks to the explosion of the vintage-styled IG community of lady loggers casting their mushrooming web of inspiration and aspirational living across the planet. Idolises @facingblankpages. Never out in more than 2ft. Likely to have a smattering of hand-poke tattoos adorning her body. Loves hats. Manifests owning her own Sayulita surfside crib on the daily. Drools over Dead Kooks whilst nursing an oat-milk flat white and slice of vegan banana bread hot-desking at a surf town coffee shop. Owns the lineup with her fellow loggin’ ladies, patrolling the peak one bent knee and shaking trotter at a time, leaving a profusion of open-mouthed agog beginner males worshipping in her elegant waist-high wake.

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Cover photo: Frame by Morgan Maassen from his excellent short feat. queen cross stepper Victoria Vergara. Watch here.

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