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Gift Ideas for "Wavelength Man"

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Gift Ideas for "Wavelength Man"


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Wavelength Man doesn’t just love tinted mid-lengths, converting shade grown Ethiopian coffee fair trade beans to beverage form via over-elaborate preparation, premium print surf journalism and an Instagram feed made up of 80% female loggers jazz handing, 19% Mike Feb ‘drawing’ ‘different’ ‘lines’ and 1% Devon Howard.

Because he loves untinted mid-lengths, too. 

His version of thirty-something dirty secrets has moved on a bit since lacto-ovo vegetarians shame ate Whoppers at Taunton Deane services on dark winter nights, his down low kink is for Wozzle voyeurism. He’ll loudly proclaim that angry shortboarding is everything that’s wrong with surfing today, quite rightly rejecting the general NFLisation of wave riding, yet has been caught on several occasions doing pretend toileting whilst really hanging on Joe and Ronnie’s every word, furious that Felipe’s 5.77 was deemed better than Morgan Cibilic’s 5.33. In fact, he’s not entirely against a bit of late night private browsing mode and going on Real Surf’s FB to lament still not being able to shake the feeling that Tommy Buts was completely underscored at the 2017 Nazaré Challenge. 

For all your snarky swipes though, never let it be said Wavelength Man isn’t doing his bit to save the planet. In fact, he amassed enough Keep Cup glass and Finisterre post-fishing net insulation to melt down and upcycle into an interplanetary escape pod when, inevitably, that last ice cap is but a particularly glassy end section for a fresh take on a Karina Rozunko Mexican hang heels, taking a bit of design inspo from one of his four dozen coffee table books on custom van interiors, and blue prints from Cyrus Sutton’s treehouse. 

But, like us all, he’s sure hoping it won’t come to that. 

In the meantime, he’d walk (cross-step) 100 miles over broken craft beer bottle glass just to sniff the few shards of wax that fell on the tarmac when Torren Martyn waxed up at Porthleven, but failing that, an evening of hard seltzer, a wooden hand plane workshop and a tight 60 mins of Mike Lay spoken word in a former gin distillery in Penzance - now a Former gin distillery - will have to do.

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