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Hoy 1982 - A New Collection

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Hoy 1982 - A New Collection
With inspirations drawn from near and far, the latest collection from Hoy has just landed with a distinctive 80s flavour. 

An alternative aesthetic to The Balance Collection that launched over the summer, 1982 is testament to the way that Hoy ebbs and flows, creating an eclectic and growing range of clothing and accessories.

Hoy Logo

The pure fun and excessive style of the 80's is captured in this hot pink logo. A design that evolved from a range of popular cultural references; music, film, TV, skateboarding and surfing.

Using a variety of processes from eco friendly screen printing to traditional embroidery techniques, this original Hoy artwork has been applied to a carefully curated range of clothing silhouettes, all of which are black to ensure the branding pops just like the era it celebrates. 

With product quality at the forefront, each clothing item is is 100% cotton with a soft hand feel that will be in your go to every-day wear for years to come. 

Sandwiching the collection with relevant, practical and stylish accessories, is a range of headwear and a bold, collectable pair of socks - who's going head to toe? 


View the full Hoy collection here


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