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Introducing The Wavelength X Tony's Chocolonely Subscription Special

Posted by Wavelength Media on
Introducing The Wavelength X Tony's Chocolonely Subscription Special

We’re excited to announce we’ve teamed up with our favourite chocolatiers, Tony’s Cholonely to create a special WL X Tony’s sea salt and caramel bar, which you can now get for free, along with three other Tony’s bars of assorted flavours, with our new subscription bundle

That’s four bars of Tony’s and two premium print editions of Wavelength, all for just £20.

If you’ve ever had it, you’ll already know that Tony’s make the most delicious chocolate around, but what you might not already know is that it’s also chocolate with a purpose.

The company was founded by investigative journalist Teun van de Keuken (Tony) and his team, after learning about the widespread slavery and child labour on African cocoa farms (where 60% of the world’s cocoa comes from). After none of the ‘Big Choco’ brands contacted would work with them, they decided to go it alone and change things from within. Soon after the first Tony’s Chocolonely bar was born. 

Since then they have been creating incredibly tasty chocolate that leads by example, with a completely transparent bean-to-bar process and a dedication to ensuring the farmers they work with earn a living income. 

Their ultimate goal is to bring the whole industry along with them and make all chocolate worldwide 100% slave free.

As soon as you order, we’ll dispatch all four bars of Tony’s plus our latest summer print edition, Volume 260, celebrating 40 years of Wavelength in print, with the next landing in autumn. You can find out more about Wavelength in print here, and look inside Volume 260 here.

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