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Is 'Dark Hollow' Dion Agius' Best Surf Film Yet?

Posted by Wavelength Media on
Is 'Dark Hollow' Dion Agius' Best Surf Film Yet?

The collaborative trio of surfer Dion Agius, filmmaker Joe G and Globe have concocted an awful lot of stellar clips in their time, but we reckon 'Dark Hollow' might just be the best yet.

Captured over the course of several years, the film centres on Dion's home state of Tasmania, leading viewers on a cinematic voyage through, in his words, "how the world could be if we looked after it."

The release is accompanied by a clothing capsule of the same name, featuring illustrations by LA artist Nathan Kostechko. 

The collection constitutes the first drop from Globe’s ‘Low Velocity’ range, which represents a significant shift for the brand, away from fast fashion towards a more considered, timeless approach. The gear is made from more sustainable materials with each piece rigorously tested for fit, function and durability, ensuring a long life and the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Find out more about the thinking behind Low Velocity here.

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