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Introducing Banks Journal

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Introducing Banks Journal
Banks Journal has arrived at Wavelength this week. The newest brand in our line up, this collection signals the beginning of fresh product drops for Autumn 2021. 
With Australian and Japanese heritage, Banks Journal is inspired by coastal living and a passion for design. 
 Founders Masa Shibahara and Motoo Noda from Tokyo and Tim Cochran and Rama McCabe from Byron Bay infuse the brand with different yet complimentary perspectives. 

Banks Journal Off The Grid Crew Neck - Seed

£37.50 £75.00

These four individuals have combined their vast industry knowledge and experience to shape a label with offices in Byron Bay, Tokyo and Newport Beach in Southern California.
Enthusiastic about good design and brand stories, Banks Journal is a very welcome addition to our carefully curated range. 
With fun yet clean, mature graphics, muted colours and slick, understated carry over products, the Banks style is hugely relevant all year round with seasonal pieces sprinkled into the range.

View the full Banks Journal collection here


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