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Outerknown Clothing

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Outerknown Clothing

“Sustainable Style” 

It comes as no surprise that when the GOAT puts his name to a brand that it ticks all the boxes. When Kelly Slater started Outerknown after finishing a sponsorship deal that lasted decades, he had a clear focus and mission in mind.


Outerknown Nomadic Volley Short - Marine

£50.00 £72.00

Plotting a course where “Sustainability is everything” and staying true to his original vision has inevitably created a brand that is both environmentally conscious and delivers effortless style in equal measure. 

Outerknown Kelly Slater

 The awe of brands both in and out of the surf industry, Outerknown has set the bar reassuringly high, pushing brands and consumers alike to search out more sustainable options. 



At Wavelength, working with Outerknown was a goal we had to achieve and after a few virtual meetings, launching a warm, cosy collection in the middle of winter really hit the spot. What more could you need than a Blanket Shirt or the La Paz trucker to keep you warm? 


With summer teasing us this past week, we couldn’t be more excited about the imminent arrival of some key pieces from their warm-weather range, with Groovy Pocket Tees, Rambler Shirts and Beach Blankets leading the pack. 


Outerknown Groovy Pocket Tee - Night

£36.00 £52.00

Outerknown Groovy Pocket Tee - Saffron

£36.00 £52.00


Outerknown’s Vision:

A future where clothing contributes to a world where people and planet prosper.

Outerknown’s Mission:

To transform the way we outfit the world by inspiring an industry to reimagine design and embrace circularity.

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Outerknown Shirt

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