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Product Focus - Globe's Prime Down Jacket

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Product Focus - Globe's Prime Down Jacket
A shift is being made, conscious efforts to make a change and a collective desire for us all to do better. From small changes in the home to drastic movements by big businesses we are all waking up to the reality that sustainability and eco friendly processes simply have to lead the way we live. 
Forgoing the small steps towards this, Globe have taken huge strides in a drastic overhaul of the way they do things and produce product for their Global audience.
With their inspiring tag line "Living Low Velocity" Globe have turned their back on fast fashion while simultaneously diving head first in to forward thinking production methods. 
Their highly considered range now carries minimal branding while creating minimal impact. Heading up the range is the Prime Down Jacket that is so packed full of credentials and features we just have to share them with you. 

Globe Prime Jacket

Globe's Prime Down Jacket carries a classic winter puffer jacket look but holds a series of hidden features that, for us, makes this the most practical and versatile jacket for the inevitable cold snaps that are just around the corner. 
The blurb from Globe themselves reads:
"The Prime Down Jacket in Rhubarb. The best puffer jacket . . . full stop. Comfortable, durable and eco-aware crafted. It is Responsible Down Standard Certified Goose Down. It features Mini Ripstop Outer and Elasticated Sleeve Cuffs but also Front Pocket Zip Closures and Internal Patch Pocket With Zip Closure."

Globe Prime Down Puffer Jacket

The Eco Credentials... What goes into making the Prime Down Jacket?

Recycled Polyester

Using recycled polyester fibres made from material like plastic bottles (RPET) instead of virgin polyester, Globe are preventing wasteful landfill, saving energy and reducing the need for the primary extraction of crude oil.

PFOA-Free Durable Water Repellent

Water and stain repellent coatings help you stay dry and clean, and keep your clothing in good condition for longer. Traditionally Durable Water Repellent (DWR) formulas used potentially toxic Perflourooctanoic acid (PFOA) to produce such coatings, but with the Low Velocity range, Globe choose to use PFOA-Free formulas to avoid these chemicals

YKK Natulon® Recycled Tapings

Made by the established leading zip manufacturer worldwide, YKK, Natulon® zipper tapings use recycled plastic to keep more waste out of our landfills and reduce reliance on sourcing virgin plastics from the oil industry. That’s why Globe have chosen Natulon® as the default zipper tapings on all Low Velocity products.

Globe Prime Down Jacket Olive

Launching to immediate success for Spring 2021, The Prime Down Jacket was available in both classic black or earthy olive. Joining the range and building on it's popularity Globe have introduced a new colour way, rhubarb as a part of their rhubarb story for Autumn / Winter 2021. 

• 100% recycled polyester rip stop shell

• 100% recycled nylon lining

• Primaloft® Gold Insulation Down Blend

• 30% Primaloft® Ultra-Fine Fibres

• 70% Water Repellent Goose Down (Responsible Down Standard Certified)

• PFOA-Free Durable Water Resistant Coating 

• YKK Natulon® Recycled Zipper Tapings


For us, The Prime Down Jacket ticks all the boxes. From style to quality, warmth to durability, a perfect combination of tech meeting style and of course made with mindful processes and materials. 
Join Globe in Living Low Velocity
View the full Globe collection here 

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