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Raskal Talks Roark

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Raskal Talks Roark
As written by one of our editors, Paul... Roark is an alter-ego, an anthropomorphic expression of the brand itself. “He’s the bar-brawling adventurer that disappears into Mexico for six months camping, only to surface in Paris drinking Bordeaux with a diplomat’s daughter” they say...
The images below are from a recent adventure which took Raskal and friends off the beaten track in search of quiet waves and new experiences. 
Photographer Matt Power

Raskal Roark

Raskal on a recent boat trip wearing the 'Kesh Nomads' T-shirt


 Inspired by the journey, the bumps in the road as much as what lies at the end of it, Roark taps into the wanderlust and spirit of adventure that simmers in all of us. 

Surfer, photographer, traveller, friend & Roark ambassador, Raskal tells us what the brand means to him...

"When I first discovered Roark down in a little shop in Portugal a couple of years ago it was a like a fresh wind from an open sea. There was something soo unique about it. I started looking more into to it and found that it was as real and authentic as it seemed from the outside. 

Raskal in Bali Roark

To see that all collections, videos and imagery is created and inspired by one location that changes for each season blew my mind. That the journeys and stories are as alive as they possibly can be while collaborating with local businesses on materials and finishings for various products. 

Raskal surfing

The most chilled nose ride you'll see today - wearing the Boonie Hat



Roark Cobra T-shirt

 Downtime in the Cobra Premium Tee


It’s soo good to see that people are still following their real dreams and creating things from the heart instead of just doing it for the sake of doing it. 

I personally feel honoured to be involved with a brand that has such a great way of mixing fashion with function and still manage to stay on its own genuine path. It has inspired me to take the longer road, to be out in nature and go discover new places a lot more."


Bali Wave

Raskal Bali Sunset

Raskal Bali Raskal Bali Roark

Raskal Jungle Bali


Raskal Indo

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