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Raskal's Roark Surf Trip Selections

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Raskal's Roark Surf Trip Selections

If variety really is the spice of life, then Crille Rask takes his days more well-seasoned than most. From growing up playing music between rural Sweden and Portugal, to working in the wilderness for a Scandi version of the TV show ‘Survivor’, to his life now; traversing the globe as a photographer, surfer and Roark Revivalist, Raskal has crammed a lot in. 

Although based mostly in Bali, several friendships and a love of stark contrasts have seen him split his time between Canggu and St Ives in recent years. A penchant for surfing in the cold (which he attributes to his half-Nordic heritage) has also seen him drawn towards Cornish shores. “There’s something about it that’s so special,” he tells me, “the clarity offered by the fresh air. It makes you feel alive.” 

However, after being left stuck in Portugal for several months at the start of the year, a tropical mission searching out quiet waves between the corn fields on Lombok’s south coast seemed just the ticket to shake off the shackles of lockdown life. 



Raskal roped in friend and fellow photographer Matt Power and a Swede named Okar to come along for the ride, selecting an old dirt bike as his transport of choice. While not the most trusty looking steed, it was comfortable and powerful enough to deal with the steep rutted roads that would carry them along the coast.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the wheels to come off – not literally, luckily – but with a mechanical malfunction encountered on a mountain ridge halfway between Desert Point and the middle of nowhere. “It was in the worst possible spot,” says Raskal, “because we were a whole day’s pushing away from the nearest mechanic.” Ah, but there’s nothing like a bit of jeopardy to jolt you back into adventure mode after six months standing still. 

“I’d had a couple of old bikes in Bali and old cars in Sweden,” he says, “and so I was like I’m going to get this fixed.”

“I didn’t have any tools, so I had to bend everything off, pull out every cable and fiddle with every fuse, and somehow after 30 minutes it just started again. I don’t even know what I did!” 

With the first major hiccup conquered, they were off for a week riding high on the coastal road, checking bays from above, descending mountain tracks, paddling out on whatever little waves they found and rounding out the evenings with a few cold Bintangs.

Now safely back in Bali, with hard drives and minds full of the fruits of the trip, I invited Raskal to tell me about some of the accoutrements that proved vital to seeing the mission run smoothly. 

Roark Boonie Safari Hat 

Made from super durable canvas, this boonie is a true all rounder. A khaki classic with a subtle tree print and wide brim, it’s as practical as it is dashing.   

“For me it’s the perfect jungle hat,” says Raskal, “whether you’re going on a mission, hiking up to random spots or going surfing, it’s just ideal at keeping the sun off.” 

“I find surf hats so flipping ugly and I don’t like them, but this is just a great bucket hat, and because it’s got the string, you can paddle out with it on and not stress.” 

“It’s the one hat I brought and it’s the only one I needed.” 

Roark Premium T-Shirts

Crafted from 100% cotton, pre-shrunk and decorated with soft hand-feel graphics, Roark’s range of premium tees are each inspired by a moment from the road.

“The tees are just great,” says Raskal.  

“The quality is epic, the fit feels really good. I love printed tees, I’ve been a sucker for them my whole life. I like the way they communicate with the graphics. Roark goes so hardcore into the adventure and for me they’re one of the brands who are truly doing it for real in their campaigns. They’re actually going to these heavy places and really testing the gear. But you can always smell a hint of humour and lightness in everything. It’s down to earth and authentic, but feels playful at the same time.”


 Roark Boatman Boardshorts 

Hard-wearing, stretchy and water repellent, The Boatman boardies are specifically designed to meet the demands of any abrasive situation without compromising on movement. 

“I wore them everywhere,” says Raskal “and the main thing I noticed is that they’re a really strong short. You know they’re not going to rip because you run into a thorn or something. They feel solid, which is why I feel like you can wear them whether you’re riding or surfing or on the beach.”

“My favourite feature though,” he adds “is that they pack away into their own pocket! 

So many of the other Roark products do that too. It’s such an old invention, but I feel like they’ve really justified bringing it back. Now I have a whole pile of packed away stuff that just act like little cushions when I’m not using them. I love it!” 

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