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Six Things Guaranteed To Improve A Spring Beach Day

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Six Things Guaranteed To Improve A Spring Beach Day

As warmer weather beckons and regulations lift, plans naturally turn away from the rushed pre-surf suit up in a muddy beach car park to a more relaxed amble down to your favourite quiet corner, to set up a camp and spend a day down on the sand.

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Of course, the benefits are plentiful. There’s the ability to get away from the crowds, explore more remote parts of your local coastline and spend a bit of quality time with pals, kids and partners after a winter of confinement. There’s also the vastly increased likelihood of a  multi-surf day, with sessions optimally placed either side of the tide. Now, all you need is the gear to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Dry bag

The dry bag, is in many ways, the all in one solution to some of the most egregious issues plaguing the casual beach day surfer. The beauty lies in their dual ability to keep clothes and valuables dry and sand-free while you’re out for your shred and all your wet gear contained on the walk or drive home. Sure, you could just swing your soaking wetty over the nose of your board and have it drip on you all the way up the dunes and then fester in the boot the whole way back, but we both know you’re better than that. 

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Warm Gear

Of course, we must consider that spring is not yet summer. And at these latitudes, to venture into the sea without warm wear for afters is nothing short of a fool’s errand. 

Shorts and a tee may be perfect for the jaunt down the goat track, with the morning sun at your back, buzzing with excitement for the day ahead. But what about when you’ve been in the sea for hours, the sun’s gone behind a cloud and your mates arrive with cold beers for the sundowner? You’re definitely going to want a pair of fleece joggers, a comfy hoodie and a nice warm beanie to slip into. 

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Hydro Flask

In a similar vein, wouldn’t you like a nice hot beverage to warm your innards just before plunging into the still-icy brine? Or better yet, as a little pick me up after your first surf to gee you up for your second. Hydro Flask offers double-walled vacuum-insulated stainless-steel containers in a range of size and colours, each guaranteed to keep your cold water cold or you lovely hot coffee hot. 

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Reading Material

Whether you’re into long form stories taking in different cultures and characters from around the surfing world (like you might find in Wavelength Mag, for example,) or are keener on award-winning memoirs, there are few better ways to while away the window waiting for the tide than lying in the sun with some premium reading material. 


Volume 261


Barbarian Days


Surf Shacks Vol 2


She Surf - Lauren L. Hill


Looking Sideways Vol. 1


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Changing robe

There comes a time in every surfer’s life when one’s changing game must be levelled up. Sure, the moments in-between being wet-suited and fully-clothed are brief, but the potential for faff and discomfort is high. A good changing robe alleviates all worry, offering the ability to stay warm during that vital period, protect your modesty and save any towel around the waist stumbles. If you’re a keep it simple type, may we suggest the WL Embroidered Change Towel. Or, if you’re more of a fan of bells, whistles, sherpa fleece lining and full waterproofing, the Ocean & Earth Superstorm Waterproof Poncho literally has you covered. 

Premium Beach Blanket 

With your changing needs met, why not ditch the manky beach towel altogether and opt instead to recline on something far more comfortable and stylish? Nope, not a chez-lounge, that would be impractical, but rather a delightful beach blanket from Slowtide. They’re spacious (38" x 73" - so you can even invite a friend on once social distancing is done) made with sustainably sourced cotton and available in a range of bold prints and colours. 

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