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Staycation Style

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Staycation Style
We definitely don't need to go into the reason why staycation is this year's holiday buzz word, but for those missing their favourite poolside destination or tropical wave, there is a silver lining to the pandemic shaped cloud. 
Exploring the British coastline really is everything it's cracked up to be, from the frigid waters and reef breaks of the North Sea and the Irish Atlantic to the rugged Jurassic coast or the sub-tropical beaches of North Cornwall, there is something for everyone. 
You may surf till your arms feel like noodles and cook the catch of the day on the beach, you may prefer to explore on land and wind down with long drawn out meal and a bottle of wine or simply sit and watch the tide hungrily creep up to your toes before heading up to watch your favourite movie at the Wavelength Drive-In Cinema.
What ever it is that floats your boat, do it in comfort, do it in style and do it right.

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