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Surfing in the UK in March - The Essentials

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Surfing in the UK in March - The Essentials

The long, frigid winter is coming to an end, the days are becoming longer and there is a warmth to the sunshine that we've almost all forgotten.  

With the mythical after-work surf returning, it's easy to forget that the water is at its coldest point of the year and layers of neoprene are still very much needed.Our buyer has selected some surf essentials for March to keep you warm, comfortable, and riding out the daylight hours.

March has got off to a good start, beautifully illustrated here by a Jayce Robinson bottom turn, captured by WL Photo Editor Toby Butler.

To make these early spring surfs even sweeter, we have late season deals on most cold water gear...


The thicker your suit, the warmer you'll be but there'll inevitably be a trade off in flexibility and movement. Some would rather wear a thinner suit for a shorter surf, others will seal themselves in a much rubber as possible for as long as possible. The choice is yours. 

For surfing in the UK in March if you're down South then 4mm-5mm should do the trick, for the hardy up North 5mm and even 6mm may be required.

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Usually left as late possible to put on and taken off as quickly as possible, wetsuit accessories are an important addition to your kit that keep your extremities toasty and the heat in. 

VIssla North Seas 3mm wetsuit hood


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You're pumped, you're surfed out, you're ready to warm up so let's make this happen fast. Getting dry and changed at the beach can be a challenge but a good change towel makes all the difference. Keeping the sand out of the van is preferable - grab a dry bag and some easy-on clothing makes everything run smoother.

Dark Seas Fordham Hoodie - Burgundy

£49.00 £90.00

Sisstr Playa Hooded Towel - Pina




Sticky Bumps Surf Wax - Cold


FCS II Performer Neo Glass Eco Tri-Quad Surfboard Fins - Pacific



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