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The Best Hats For Surfers

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The Best Hats For Surfers

 Surfers wear hats for all sorts of reasons.

For some, they are a comforting reminder of the maternal caul. Others find they are an aid to thought, and that without them they are next to useless, incapable of the simplest mental task. (Pro surfers are rarely trusted to face the post-heat interview without a hat on.)

Many people don a hat simply so that they can doff it respectfully to passersby. And let’s not forget the bald community, whose members have contributed so much to the progression of our sport, in spite of considerable and obvious set backs. Then of course, we have the hat-for-personality effect; the retired pro surfer in the flat cap, for example. Oh the smouldering intrigue. 

In summer, shade becomes the chief purpose of headwear, staving off heat stroke, sunburn and wrinkles. In winter, 80% of your heat, can be retained by wearing the right piece of headgear. But given the extreme temperature range experienced by the surfer, from dawn patrol chill to afternoon swelter to wee hour outdoor rave dew point, hats that offer protection from all the above are the most sought after.

Literally, our crowning glory.  


Hoy Merino Wool Beanie

Hoy Classics Merino Wool Beanie

 Luxuriate in supreme, temperature regulating style. Lightweight, 100% premium merino wool makes this Hoy beanie as good an adornment for the top portion of your skull as it does a coat for your favourite ruminating even toed ungulate. Soft to the touch and sweat-wicking, minimal branding on traditional turned up cuff can be further concealed by a secondary cuffing, depending on how deep your commitment to beanie stylie. 

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Roark Turks Beanie

Because our joyous frolic in the delicious, sunlit air side of the dirt before being rendered back to the fecund rotting humus is but a fleeting blink in the stoney stare of eternity, so too is life too short for just one beanie at any one time. Hello Roark Turks Beanie 3 Pack! To match different get ups, moods or manoeuvres, three muted colourways give you all the options. Classic fit, minimal branding and tight rib knit construction complete the vibe.  

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 Brixton Messer Packable Fedora

As the popular expression goes, a man bored of stiff felt and a medium brim, is bored of life. The Brixton packable fedora boasts an interior adjustable band for a perfect fit however broad your bonce, while faux leather band and a debossed logo and metal crest pin trimmings add everyday dapper to your style. Furthermore, Responsible Wool Standard materials used in all Brixton headwear allay all your sheep welfare qualms.   

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Hoy Bucket HatHoy Classics Bucket Hat - Deep Forest

 The quintessential headwear aesthetic for the festival-going Briton perhaps, but you don’t need to be gurning in a field of overpriced falafel to love the Hoy Classics Bucket Hat. This deep forest colourway is just one of a range of earthy, tone down hues that compliments your look, year round. Keep the sun off your dial or torrential downpours out your wig with this everyday essential, 100% cotton mid-weight construction one size fits all hat.   

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Deus Allen Cord Cap

Deus Ex Machina Allen Cord Cap

Profess your love for the two wheeled metal death horse goes to the beach genre, with the Deus Ex Machina Allen Cord Cap. As with everything Deus make style is at the forefront, in this case front and back embroidery on high quality 6 wale cotton corduroy. Snap-back adjustment customises the fit for a classic, year round everyday essential. 

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Roark Wayward Youth Snapback Cap

Wayward Youth Snapback Hat

If you don’t love too much rigid verticality about your chapeau, you’ll love Roark’s Wayward Youth snap-back cap, where 20% wool / 80% acrylic construction delivers easy, unstructured everyday comfort. An embroidered rendition of panther glowers fiercely at the world before you, yellow eyed, bloody fanged. Stalk the wounded, weak or infirm prey quarry of your day before dragging them up a tree for later enjoyment. Metaphorically speaking, obvs.   

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Roark Tamaroa Bucket Hat - Grey

£38.00 £55.00

Roark Boonie Hat - Camo

£39.00 £65.00

Roark Tiare Bucket Hat - Black

£38.00 £55.00

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