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The Wetsuit Jacket You didn't Know You Needed

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The Wetsuit Jacket You didn't Know You Needed
The humble wetsuit jacket goes as far back as wetsuits themselves. A essential top half to the stiff two-piece wetsuits of yesteryear. Traditionally worn with a longjohn and sometimes including an unflattering, uncomfortable beaver tale...

In recent years, with modern technology, construction and processes, the wetsuit jacket has made a return to lineups across the globe. A thinner, easy on, flexible layer that takes off the chill while allowing you to move freely in your boardshorts and get the very best out of your summer session. 

For summer 2022, our favourite rubber merchants Vissla  have stepped away from the industry standard of black neoprene and introduced their 'Solid Sets' range of wetsuit jackets to immediate success. Each colour Dark Naval, Rust and Harbour Blue all come with a bespoke woven label at the chest. (Rust is our fave)

Vissla wetsuit jacket

An unrivalled combination of practicality, style, affordability and quality, one of these jackets will definitely not be misplaced in your wetsuit collection 

Of Course, you don't need to be punting airs or hanging heels with your jacket flapping in the offshore breeze, it's also by far the easiest neoprene option to throw on for a sea swim, or a splash in the white water with the kids. It stores easily and dries in no time.

Tech Features include... 
Vissla wetsuit jacket Wavelength

Colours at a glance... 
Vissla wetsuit jacket Harbour blue

Vissla Wetsuit Jacket - Rust

Vissla wetsuit jacket - Dark Naval

The full range of Vissla wetsuit jackets and other Vissla wetsuit jacket are available  online here and at our store in Watergate Bay, Newquay. 

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