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Triumph, The Most Iconic British Motorcycle Brand

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Triumph, The Most Iconic British Motorcycle Brand

Triumph's lineage of motorcycle production dates back to 1902 and few would dispute their reputation as the most iconic British motorcycle brand. Their classic aesthetic and superior engineering flows through everything they do, from lifestyle clothing and accessories to incredible engines and everything in between. 

Triumph 1902 logo

Why am I wring this buyer's note you may ask?

For decades, surfing and motorcycles have been unlikely best friends that for some are inseparable. It may be the practicality of two wheels for reaching far flung reef breaks, exploring to find new undiscovered spots or accessing the beach via narrow dirt tracks. 

Perhaps it's the thrill of the ride, the wind in your hair, the freedom?

Is it the individuality, the self expression and the escape from the norm? 

I think it's combination of all of the above that intertwines the two lifestyles. 

Triumph clothing

At Wavelength, our own heritage with 41 years at sea, sits us proudly at the top as Europe's longest running surf media with expansion in events, our store and more. 

As with surf and 
Moto, we feel Wavelength and Triumph are an amazing lifestyle fit  and as such we're stoked to announce the first drop of Triumph clothing and accessories in our store here

Triumph Piston Rider Tee - Bone

eeping this initial collection clean and cohesive, there is a mix of Jackets, graphic T-shirts, sweaters, traditional Moto style long-sleeves and accessories. 

Top Picks 

Graphic T-shirt picks 

Triumph Angel Wings Tee - Charcoal

£29.00 £45.00

Triumph Piston Rider Tee - Bone

£29.00 £45.00

Triumph Mo Jungle Cloth Jacket - Indigo

Triumph Mo Jungle Cloth Jacket - Indigo

Triumph Jackman Double Pique Long Sleeve Top - Black

Of course if Triumph is good enough for Bond it good enough for us

James Bond 007 Daniel Craig Triumph

Triumph Wavelength

To feel wear and experience Triumph's lifestyle range is to understand the quality and fit that have kept their customers looking great for generations. Heavy weight tees, are ideal for layering at this time of year, the Jackman long-sleeve brings the Moto style into everyday wear and the Hapton shirt will be the only denim shirt you'll ever need. 

View our full collection of Triumph clothing here

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