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Camping Essentials For Surf Trip In A Van

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Camping Essentials For Surf Trip In A Van

Any time of year is a good time of year for a van trip, apart from right now, which isn’t. That’s because right now is a truly great time for a van trip.

Whether on adventurous probings of lesser known shores to both escape the madding crowds and emancipate yourself from the last lingering shackles of lockdiggity, or whether plodding easy just up the road for an unimaginative, yet fun as fook weekend of drinking tins in a field with pals near a tiny, busy closeout, these really are truly great days. 

Your best days.

Earth’s axial tilt - probably due to the same protoplanetary collision that formed the moon - means days are longer and warmer, and nights are pretty fine, too. Beetles and bugs, having lain still and silent for months and years in dark, sub soil nymph stage are out in all their adult exoskeletal pomp and looking to frolic under a balmy moon.

Even for distant invertebrate cousins, the air is thick with nowness.

A few core basics will be vital to your mission; vehicle, surfboards, rubber. Beyond those, other select essentials will help make van life your very best life. And as luck would have, those very accoutrements to stokeship, curated by WL’s own team of experts are but a mere click away.  

Shall we?

Hydro Flask Cooler

Hydro Flask Coolers

36 hours. Six tides. Eighteen two hour surf sessions. Two hundred and sixteen consecutive UV resin ding repair cures. Also the length of time this devilishly good bag can keep up to 24 cans cold for. Load her up Friday breakfast, and your beverages will still be chill on Saturday night! Dual-carry options include a removable cross-body strap and comfortable shoulder straps so you can go further. So, go ahead, let adventure be your guide.

Browse the Hydro Flask collection here

Aeropress Go Coffee Maker


“The third cup of coffee was a special weapon in her arsenal, like the brahmastra from the epics, to be wielded occasionally and against the most insidious of enemies, one’s own demons” said Amrita Mahale, who might be overthinking it somewhat. However mentally deep you go with your Joe, do it right: Grab the Original Aeropress coffee maker, the Easy Tiger Enamel Mug from WLCR and some fresh coffee beans from Allpress all while saving £13 off the RRP. Just add water and enjoy...

Browse all Aeropress here

 Outerknown Kelly Slater

Outerknown Blanket - Dusty Red Cusco Plaid

To avoid hampering your picnicking by being under-blanketed, for supreme beach hangs, for dreamy stargazing hoping your companion is similarly keen for a daring glimpse of Uranus, the Cusco Plaid has it. Organic cotton and recycled fishing nets keep the planetary vibes wholesome, why it’ll even rolls up to clip down on the back of your Harley, if that’s the way your mid life crisis has manifested. 


Browse the Outerknown collection here

 Ocean & Earth

O & E Compact Wettie Bucket

Neutralise the threat of the bete noire of the close quarters road trip, the wet wettie with the clever, compact, collapse-able wetsuit bucket. Stand in it to get changed after each and every life choice affirming wave riding experience to keep your rubber free of grit, grime and sand, then use it to store your your suit to keep your vehicle dry. Built from tough, waterproof fabric with welded seams, this smaller bucket still holds large size steamers.


Browse the Ocean & Earth collection here

 Salt & Stone Eucalyptus & Cedarwood - Formula Nº 1

Salt & Stone Eucalyptus & Cedarwood - Formula Nº 1

Sure, van life can mean dread life, maybe just one long one at the back you can tuck in to the waistband of your Thailand full moon party juggling pants. But it doesn't have to. Even if you are showering with less frequency and thoroughness, you still don't need a cloud of flies buzzing around orifices and teeth. Salt & Stone's long-lasting natural deodorant is formulated for 48 hour protection. Hyaluronic Acid moisturises the skin while probiotics help neutralise odour. It's totally aluminium, alcohol, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dye free, obvs.


Browse the Salt & Stone collection here

Ocean & Earth Key Vault Lock 

O & E Key Vault Lock

Now that car park villains have broken the enigma code like secrecy of the key-on-the-wheel trick, your key stash options are reduced. You could try to hide it somewhere between car and paddle out. “It's under the broken fence post, next to the long grass...” a friend once explained to me as I left the water early, frigid. Turns out there were several dozen broken posts, and a Serengeti-like expanse of long grass. Hypothermia, but most of all, rage set in by the time he finally got out after the longest surf of his life, and our relationship has never really been the same since. If only he'd known about the dial code combination locking heavy duty toughened steel metal case O&E Key Vault Lock - we'd probably still be friends.


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 Slowtide Haven Yoga Towel

 Slowtide Haven Yoga Towel - Burgundy

'I bow to the lotus feet of the Supreme Guru, which awaken insight into the happiness of pure Being, which are the refuge, the jungle physician, which eliminate the delusion caused by the poisonous herb of Samsara (conditioned existence)'. That, or the hammy's still a bit tight, and the swell of the season is imminent. Either way, the Slowtide Haven Yoga Towel, made from 100% recycled materials and featuring a waffle grip for stability in any pose, will maintain your ohm away from home.


Browse the Slowtide collection here

 Opinel knives

Opinel No.8 Classic Originals Carbon Steel Knife

Whether whittling away those tide change hours by actually whittling, for shucking shellfish or other foraging, for doing your own Indian ink homemade tatt of a schematic of the VW Type 2 from the Haynes manual cover in that thigh space between boardshort hem and knee, the number 8 is ideal. The flagship and most popular size in the Opinel collection, a beechwood handle is comfortable in the hand, while a safety ring allows the user to work without undue risk. 


Browse the Opinel collection here

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