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Vissla & Sisstr Wetsuits - Winter 2022

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Vissla & Sisstr Wetsuits - Winter 2022
As the waves become less crowded, with it, the air cools and the water follows leading us into a winter season of surf for the core UK based surfer. Decades on from the days when wool sweaters were dipped in oil to take the chill off in frigid British waters, today we're the lucky ones who can surf through the harshest of winters, warm and comfortable. 

Vissla winter wetsuits

At Wavelength, we've championed the design, quality and aesthetic of wetsuit industry leaders Vissla and their sister company Sisstr for years. 

Their attention to detail, the use of more eco-friendly neoprene and their sympathetic approach to retro styling while maintaining superior performance is second to none. 

Vissla wetsuits

Wether you're surfing at the South West tip of Cornwall or finding shade in Thurso's barrel, Vissla and Sisstr's wetsuits, boots, gloves and hoods keep you covered, warm, performing to the best of your ability and ultimately having fun.


Carrying the same ethos and credentials, Sisstr wetsuits are designed for women boasting a feminine cut and styling. 

'The band of Sisstrs, creators, swell followers and adventure seekers united by their obsession with the sea, have built a community based on enjoying life in the ocean. Sisstr combine their wetsuits with performance materials to balance water temperature and improve your surfing experience'.

"For Autumn / Winter 2022 I've decided to keep our wetsuit offering slick and classic. Stepping away from vibrant colours, electing for traditional black. Stay understated and let your surfing do the talking" 

James - Buyer, Wavelength 

Vissla winter wetsuits

Vissla winter wetsuits
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