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WATCH: Globe's Cult Of Freedom Series

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WATCH: Globe's Cult Of Freedom Series

Last week, we launched the first in a new series showcasing our favourite modern-day surf teams through some of the finest free to watch online films. Today, we're back with an epic series of shorts from the fine folk at Globe.

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Few brands are more renowned for the quality of their movie back catalogue than Globe. Through a long-running partnership with director Joe G, their output held court throughout the era when films still existed on the shiny side of a plastic disc, with bangers like Secret Machine, Year Zero and Strange Rumblings captivating audiences between 2006 and 2014.

When the occasion called, they switched to the digital realm, producing a stream of high-quality web clips, culminating in the ‘Cult Of Freedom’ series, which launched back in 2017. In the words of director Joe G- “Cult Of Freedom offers a platform to do short films in whatever format opportunity throws at us. Whether it’s a team trip, a rider surf part, an experimental concept film.” The Globe team has always included some of the world’s most progressive free surfers, with the current lineup including the likes of Dion Agius and Creed McTaggert, who lead the charge above the lip, while Taj Burrow and Jay Davies keep the power surfing purists happy with excessive water displacement.

So far, the COF series features a team trip to Australia, which includes all of the aforementioned, plus Noa Deane, Brendon Gibbons, Nate Tyler and more. Another to New Zealand, featuring Creed, Dion and Nate and then a pair of individual surfer focussed clips starring Taj and Creed. Watch them all, right here:



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