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Wavelength X Slowtide

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Wavelength X Slowtide towel

Slowtide - The Art of Drying Off

Slowtide created a new medium for art, catering to a love of the beach, nature, travel, and comfort. They took a category that was otherwise mundane and turned it into a work of art. Blending design and functionality, Slowtide collaborates with brands, artists, and photographers to bring beautiful, unique designs, all while maintaining premium, sustainable quality.

Slowtide Towel

Slowtide Slow Burn Oversized Premium Woven Towel - Black


Slowtide Quality

Committed to creating superlative products that are guaranteed to last, Slowtide have traveled around the world in search of the best factories, assuring they have fair working conditions and happy employees. From sustainable materials, to details like size, weight, weaving techniques, hanging loops, and reusable packaging, they've thought of it all. 

Slowtide x Wavelength Towel

Wavelength X Slowtide Retro Surfer Quick Dry Towel

 For us, additions to our Heritage range had to include a bright, fun, practical beach towel and Slowtide ticks all the boxes. 

We elected for the Quick Dry / Travel Towel. This towel, is lightweight and packs down to an extremely small size nailing the practicality for local beaches and travel alike.

As far as bright and fun are concerned, we had that covered. Our Retro Surfer graphic screams 80s heritage and has become the range leader this summer, now available on tees, Arvin socks and the towel. 


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Wavelength Slowtide Towel

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