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Why you need Wavelength Merino Wool

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Why you need Wavelength Merino Wool

What is Merino Wool?

Ultra-soft, breathable and temperature regulating, merino wool is often referred to as the most intelligent natural fibre available out there. Designed to protect sheep from the ever-changing climate they live in, merino is ideal for layering.
Our merino wool originates from Peru. We work with long-standing spinners who are passionate about the traceability and sustainability of their fibres, which means that we are able to craft elite, luxury knitwear that stays true to the Wavelength ethos. All our merino pieces are made in England.
Our chunky merino is the perfect heritage inspired knit that will remain wardrobe staples for years to come.

There are eight characteristics that make merino wool nature’s performance fabric.
Air travels freely throughout a merino wool garment thanks to the structure of the fibre. This speeds up the evaporation process and will ensure that you’re cool and dry for the entire day. Unlike synthetic fibres which retain moisture and cling to the body, merino will provide the wearer with another layer of support and comfort.
Quick Drying

Alongside being breathable and lightweight, merino is also an incredibly quick drying yarn which makes it perfect for exercise as you’ll perspire less, and any moisture is promptly evaporated.
Low Maintenance
Thanks to its moisture wicking and odour resistant qualities, merino wool is an incredibly low effort fibre. Your knitwear will require less washing than synthetic fibres and blends and a simple ‘freshen up’ between washes will ensure that your garment stands the tests of time.

Odour Resistant
Merino wool has incredible wicking qualities which mean that moisture is removed from the skin. Thanks to the core structure of the fibre, you’re less likely to perspire and smells are neutralised at the source. In the long run, this will mean that your merino garment requires less washing which will increase the lifespan of your knit.
Temperature Regulating
The active nature of merino means that the knit will respond to temperature changes in the wearers skin. In cooler weather, the ultra-fine fibres will trap air, keeping you insulated and in warmer climates, perspiration can be easily evaporated, keeping you cool and dry.
Alongside trapping heat and regulating temperature, extra fine merino is a lightweight, versatile knit that is suitable for a variety of different occasions. It has all the warmth of a chunkier knit but none of the weight, this makes it ideal for outside activities such as walking, climbing, and running. The everyday nature of the yarn also makes it perfect for layering underneath your day-to-day wardrobe for another layer of protection and comfort.
Ultra-Soft and Skin-Friendly
Merino wool is 1/5 of the diameter of human hair which makes it the perfect knit for wearing straight to skin. The fibres will move with the wearer and unlike coarser yarns, they will bend out of the way and so won’t irritate or aggravate. With naturally hypoallergenic qualities, merino is even suitable for those with sensitive skin.
Unlike synthetic fibres, merino is a 100% natural, sustainable fibre that when cared for correctly, will last a lifetime. Sheep are shorn at various points throughout the year and their seasonal coat is replenished and rejuvenated. Alongside providing the wearer with a beautifully soft garment, not mixing our merino with man-made fibres mean that in the correct conditions, your knitwear will eventually biodegrade, releasing carbon rich nutrients back into the soil. 

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