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Issue 250

Issue 250

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Seems like every issue we've got something to shout about. That's not a bad thing, though. Only a few issues ago we were huffing out 35 candles on our magazine shaped cake and this time we're getting our party frocks on to the sound of our 250th issue rolling off the presses.

If you've done the head math on that you'll already be arriving at the number 1981, yep, this lump of paper has been exciting surfers' eyeballs since the days of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

We've been in cold war fallout shelters, rolled up in the first Space Shuttle mission and sneaked into Bucks Fizz's Eurovision dressing room. Probably. We've seen Clinton impeached and Dolly cloned.

Our office is full of slides, negatives, hard drives and cloudconnected servers. But that's the great thing about being crafted in the eighties. Our Millennial mag enjoys the unique equilibrium that only our generation can boast about. We're old enough to have grown up before the ever-connected digital world took hold of our social lives but young enough to understand it.

We get it, but we don't rely on it. We’re just as happy reminiscing about the lost art of the mixtape as we are streaming a 400 song Spotify playlist across our wireless speakers, we've got photos on floppies and a full iPhone.

So, although you might find one of our feet stubbornly planted in the good old days, our other is confidently striding into the future, embracing all that has yet to come, and right now, somewhere between the two, you'll find the latest issue of Wavelength, offering what we hope is a pleasurable surf focused experience that you can enjoy alongside the ever predictable social stream. So whether you're a Boomer, an X, one of us or a Z, get flicking and enjoy another slice of Wavelength history.

Lewis Harrison-Pinder