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Issue 243

Issue 243

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Hello? what’s that strange taste in the air? Could it possibly be the the very faint whiff of Spring? That slight glow on the horizon the beginning of wave enabling lighter evenings? That’s right surf fans, the long dark winter is coming to an end, January is done and dusted and we’ve already made a decent dent in February. Rejoice. But for all its flaws, January has been a productive month, we’ve got another magazine ready for you lucky lot, but not only that, living up to its namesake (January comes the Roman god Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions) we’ve made a few changes to this here lump of paper while we’ve been away.

The first and most obvious shift being the extra quid we’ve whacked on the price. No apologies here though, that extra hundred pennies means we will carry on sourcing quality content and continue delivering the best surf shots, reproduced on the best paper stock, as well as maintaining a publication that you, our loyal readers, want to keep. In this digital age we believe it’s important to produce a periodical that doesn’t get forgotten, but stands out enough to warrant pride of place on your bookshelf. And we think we’re nailing it.

The second, slightly less obvious shift is the change of name you’ll see next to word Editor. Steve Bough, who we all wholeheartedly salute for producing the last year’s worth of Wavelength is still here, he’s going to be writing and contributing more (check out page 112) while leaving the the page shuffling, i dotting and t crossing to myself. Although there has to someone who answers to Editor, I strongly believe The Length is something that is the result of some serious graft from a hardworking group of people, everyone involved in producing this mag gets a say, a surf democracy if you will. I just get the blame if anything goes wrong, but that’s worth it as long as I get to say I have a cool job at dinner parties. And the odd free t shirt.

So here you have it, in your hands right now is our selection of the finest surf based tomfoolery our little blue circle has to offer. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have putting it together.