Issue 244

Issue 244


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Hello again all a y’all, it’s good to have you back. Once more we’ve managed to get ourselves together and present to you another stellar issue of everyone’s favourite surf rag, this one. Much has changed since we’ve added a plus one to our issue number, right now as team WL sits here at 18:10 on a Thursday evening, we could, in theory (if we weren’t finishing this mag) stumble out of our patio doors and slip into reliably average Newquay Bay for a post-work surf. And that can only mean one thing, we’ve all proudly survived another UK winter. Success.

Of course, while most of us have been rubbering up and devoting ourselves to the European chill, there’s plenty of lucky globetrotters who’ve abandoned the Queen’s country for warmer, more wave-ridden climes. But that’s OK, for it is these fellows whose sole purpose it is to fill our pages with the envy inducing bath-water-warm barrels you’ll find within. It’s with great pride we present to you Newquay’s Harry Timson, who’s been nosing around Indonesia, our new friend on the continent Jorge Garcia, who has lifted the lid on surfing the Med, while on the flip side our own devoted UK surf papper Lukey G has kept himself grounded and on the tail of North Devon big wave renegade, Taz Knight.

So, go forth and enjoy this spring edition of Wavelength, because the next time we meet it’s going to be all blue skies and boardshorts. Probably. Anyway, I’ve got to go spray paint a pineapple blue. Enjoy the mag.