Issue 246

Issue 246


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Congratulations mighty ‘Length audience, we’ve made it to another milestone in surf publishing. The magazine you’re holding right now represents our 246th issue, impressive on it’s own, but this also chalks up the midpoint of our fourth decade in print. Sure, it’s had its ups and downs; it’s lost weight, got fatter, shorter and taller since 1981, been through a few different owners and made some bad fashion decisions, but then again, so have I, and I’m not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

On the subject of the dreaded middle age spread, this issue is stuffed full of gut busting surf calories, ahead of you awaits a meal way above your recommended daily allowance of awesomeness. Adjust your belt and have the Rennie on standby, to start we discuss the state of British surfing followed by a relaxing look at Marcus Paladino’s impressive Canadian portfolio. Main course is taken care of with a classic tale of good life on the Emerald Isle, served with an honest retrospect of Wavelength’s history from ex-editor Tim Nunn. If you’re still hungry after all that, there’s a sweet combo of alternative surf comps as well as a chat with West Coast freestyler Troy Elmore. A healthy diet for any surf hungry diner.

So, while you’re enjoying that lot and a Wavelength inhabited planet Earth hurtles it’s way around our sun for the 35th time, just like the ever resilient Ozzy Osbourne, we’re about to ship a sample of our DNA over to some proper smart science types. We just want to make sure future generations of surf mags will be able to learn from our longevity and perhaps, one day, understand what it takes to live forever. Here’s to another 35 years, see y’all next time.