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Issue 249

Issue 249

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Two thousand and sixteen hey? That was a rough ride, wasn’t it?

Still, we made it through. Nothing to worry about for 2017? Yeah, it’ll all be fine, no major socio-economic issues to worry about there. Just concentrate on renewing that gym membership, lay off the booze for a month, start running, update the five-year plan, sort out the private pension plan and pay off the credit cards. Easy.

While you're at it, why not try our four-week healthy eating plan to shift some of that seasonal weight. To help you kick off the new you, we've got a delightful platter of low calorie, high protein, home grown treats for you chow down on.

To start, take two generous portions of UK surfers and combine with a mixture of Moroccan herbs, simmer for seven days and season with a sprinkle of Carissa for a fresh take at a classic dish.

For mains, take two helpings of healthy Irish youth, mix well with some Caribbean spice and leave the flavours to develop for five days at your coldest setting. While this is setting, start thawing out your desert by keeping a well formed Cornish Tart at Portuguese room temperature for just as long as they'll let you.

While you're waiting, why not take some time to chat with old friends, find out what they're up to these days, they might have some stories to tell.

For more information on all our recipes, take a look inside. 

Lewis Harrison-Pinder