Issue 251

Issue 251


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The mild sense of dread when you first open your Monday morning emails? Run out of SPF 50 in some remote village?

That wave of misery when the guy at Costa knows your order? No mini bar at your five-star resort? The bleak selection of £3 sandwiches remind you of a well-thumbed library?

Maybe you’re five weeks into a solid stint in the tropics. Perhaps you moved to the continent to spend your time taking two-hour lunch breaks and exploring pine tree fringed beach breaks.

Perhaps you slog away in the monotony of everyday life just to be able to afford a single serving, one week taste of the reality you’d rather be living?

Maybe this is the first time you’ve picked up a surf mag, maybe this is your 251st issue of Wavelength.

Whatever your position in our surf scenario, don’t sweat it. We’re here to relieve you.  For some it may only be hours between epic barrels and hidden wedges, for others it there could be hiatuses of months between aching arms and sunburnt faces. 

We bridge the gap between your oceanic pursuits. A regular fix of the good stuff. We’re the light at the end of the tunnel, the silver lining in your stratocumulus. The meat in your £3 sandwich. Once again we’re serving up the finest in printed surf material for all you hungry folk to digest.

So enjoy what we to offer. There’s some good stuff in here. Take in the tales of perfect barrels, hidden islands, remote waves, and then, when you’re done, remember, no matter how far away that next trip to the ocean might be, it’s always worth the wait.

Lewis Harrison-Pinder