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Issue 252

Issue 252

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Issue 252 of Wavelength is all about timeless lines. We sail from the Hebrides to Ireland with James Aiken, by Sophie Hellyer.

Illustrator Andrew Groves draws his own distinct lines. Derek Hynd on a J-bay wall blew minds twenty years ago and still is today, he is celebrated here in Beyond Litmus by Andrew Kidman and Jon Frank.

Candice O’Donnell shares her tips for getting through injury. Riding a board made from local trees, a taste of winter ahead comes from the Otter crew.

Tom Lowe’s commitment to crazy lines is rightly being rewarded at the highest international level. Victor Gonzalez has an eye for emptiness, it felt right to let you draw your own lines across his portfolio.

We check in with Mikey February, a South African super-talent who is walking his own line (with shades of Curren) right onto the WSL. Noah Lane profiles Harrison Roach highlining big walls.

Sam Bleakley, Mike Lay and Easkey Britton recall Mauritania with photos by Jack Johns. Closer to home, illustrator Josh Vyvyan talks about the lines that connect him to the past and the Lizard.

Plus: The Rubber Evolution: New innovation and tech as 20 of the world's top wetsuit and winter manufacturers showcase their new neoprene and other warming goodies.