Issue 238

Issue 238


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Who would have thought testing a wetsuit could be so much fun. We’ve stretched and pulled, soaked and surfed.

There’s been academic research, flex tests, surf tests, stretch tests, weight tests, wildlife tests.

We even introduced the suits to a Giant Pacific Octopus, which took great relish in wrapping its tentacles around the wetsuit. A live crab put paid to proceedings, and the octopus, by now disinterested in our colourful offering, dispatched the crab in what seemed like no time, then scuttled off to a dark nook to digest its lunch.

We dropped one into a tank with blacktip reef sharks, which were initially curious then favoured the smattering of squid and fish heads, swiftly dispersed into the water. Even a Moray eel, popped out from a hole to see what all the commotion was about. Only the blind turtle, labelled a menace by the staff at the aquarium, bumped his way around, oblivious to the radiant orange floating in the water.

The suits were measured and weighed, plunged and pulled as the tests continued. Sam, by now obsessed with the subjects of wetsuit water retention and magnetic resonance, took to wearing a white coat and showing us reams of his calculations, neatly set out on grid paper.

You’ll get a flavour of what we got up to and see how the wetsuits were tested inside the mag.