Issue 240

Issue 240


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As I sit here, looking out of our office window onto the glorious vista of Tolcarne Beach in Newquay, it’s flat again.

We had an epic Thursday a few weeks back but since then, the surf has dropped, the wind has gone onshore and the summer has set in. Unfortunately, not balmy temperatures of 25 degrees and four foot offshore but onshore and mid teens with the beach crammed to the cliffs and the usual bloom of jellyfish waiting to sting the unsuspecting tourists.

We’re of course used to these conditions which means lots of time waiting for the surf to kick in. So what can you do when the surf is flat? One of the best things to do and to get in the good books of your partner is to do all those jobs that you’ve been putting off for months. Whether it’s painting the house, sorting the garden, putting in extra hours at work or keeping your other half happy; it will all pay off.

Then, when it’s pumping you’ll be allowed to surf to your heart’s content with no chance of any grief. If you can avoid doing any jobs, then keeping fit during the dry spells will keep you primed and ready to go when the surf kicks back in. Whether it’s skating, swimming or running, this should stave off those burning desires to surf and burn off all that excess energy.

The other thing you can be doing is mind surfing and just imagine yourself surfing. So watch surf movies and read books and magazines to satiate your appetite. Which leads me neatly on to this issue of Wavelength which has undergone something of a change with new paper stock and more of the things you want.

Thanks also to everyone who took part in our recent readers’ survey which provided us with a real insight into what you think of the magazine and website. See you next issue. Steve