Wavelength Magazine Subscription

Wavelength Magazine Subscription


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Treat yourself, or indeed your loved ones, to a whole year of Wavelength Magazine, just in time for Christmas. To get the ball rolling we'll immediately send out the current issue of Wavelength ready to be wrapped up and shoved under the tree.

You'll also receive a confirmation that you, or the lucky gift recipient, will have two further editions of Wavelength's new look Collector's Journal throughout 2018.

You'll receive:

  • Current issue of Wavelength Magazine
  • All issues of Wavelength in 2018

Wavelength Magazine is moving to a new format in 2018, we'll be publishing two Collector's Editions in March and September. Each magazine will be priced at £10 with an emphasis on being bigger, better and featuring more of your favourite surf action.

Alternatively you can click here to be taken to our direct debit payment portal. Pay on an issue by issue basis with free postage.