Get the next three magazines from just £9 - 50% Off


Subscriber offer: Get the next three issues of Wavelength, Europe's first surf magazine, delivered direct to you door, before it hits the shops from just £9. That is a full 50% off RRP.

Your trial will start with the next issue, if you wish to start with a different issue or have any other specific dietary requirements then just drop us a note on checkout, email subscriptions@wavelengthmag.com or call +44 (0)1637 222 580. 

Once this trial offer expires your subscription will auto renew for a half year at 20% RRP off and will renew every six months until you stop. Renew price UK £14, EU £26, ROW £30. Simply log in at anytime to cancel, drop us an email or call on the details above.

Prices: UK £9, Europe £17, ROW £19 

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