Basewax: Cornish beeswax eco surf wax


Mutant grip for your stick!

Base wax, for when you want to apply wax on a stripped or new board.

Eco surf wax made by hand in Cornwall, UK.  Mu Grip mix local beeswax with fresh tree resin to give you all the 'bump' and the 'grip' you'll need for a great session in the sea.  

Joe Mcdonald has an artisan approach to making surf wax. He is a proud beekeeper and even goes to Spain to help the 'Resinero' collect the sticky stuff from the trees! Then, the Mu-Grip team slowly melt their mix and hand pour it into a mould. Best of all, you can feel good that by using this wax, you are not damaging the environment.

Oh and did we say it smells great?!