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Be More Pirate - Sam Conniff

Be More Pirate - Sam Conniff


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Be More Pirate - Sam Conniff

Be More Pirate is the debut book by Sam Conniff, published in 2018 by Penguin Random House. In the year that followed its publication, thousands of modern ‘pirates’ from around the world have brought the ideas to life with their own rebellions.

From financiers to farmers, CEOs to students, Mercedes to the NHS, this is a movement for anyone who wants to shake things up. The network that has grown around the book recognises that too many of the rules, norms and conventions that uphold our systems and business models no longer serve people and planet; we need to create new ones.

Being more pirate is a shift in your mindset; a willingness to think differently, to challenge and be challenged, and to stop asking for permission to do what you know is right.