6ft Tour Leash

6ft Tour Leash

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The Beyond 6ft Tour Leash features:

* New and unique Grapple TM with swivel mould which distributes stress and flex more effectively
* Ultra strengthened urethane cord
* High density neoprene ankle strap
* Double stainless steel swivels
* Quick release safety strap
* Internal kep pocket 
* Detachable rail saver

Designed for everyday use in up to 8ft surf, the tour leash is ideal when the surf picks up and you need a leash you can rely on.

Beyond leashes feature the engineer designed
Grapple moulded anti-twist connector, spreading stretch load over greater distances, dialling out areas of weakness and giving you total security where it's needed most. Scientifically engineered for reduced breakage with the best urethane cord we can buy. Trust when you need it.

Beyond packaging is 'Kinked' so your leash isn't. Its designed to reduce kinking and tangling by allowing the leash cord to hang in a fuller arc.