Longboard Tripper


The Beyond Longboard Tripper with 8mm thick padding

The longboard day tripper from Beyond does what it says. Protects your board under super thick 8mm protective padding and perfect for your everyday runner.  

Available in 7'6", 8'0", 9'1", 9'6" and 10'

Keeps boards cooler and cars cleaner. Also available in shortboard and retro sizes/shapes.

* Strap Stow
* External wax/fin pocket
* Padded shoulder strap
* Corrosion free zippers
* Snug fitting design

Beyond's intense concentration on design and
manufacturing and value for money are the result of two years of careful thought and analysis from famous product designers in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Our effort and investment goes into research, not endorsement. You get total quality at great value. 

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