Cool surf wax 14°C to 20°C Cornish beeswax eco surf wax


Mutant grip for your stick!

Cold surf wax from 9°C to 14°C.

Eco surf wax made by hand in Cornwall, UK.  Mu Grip mix local beeswax with fresh tree resin to give you all the 'bump' and the 'grip' you'll need for a great session in the sea.  

Joe Mcdonald has an artisan approach to making surf wax. He is a proud beekeeper and even goes to Spain to help the 'Resinero' collect the sticky stuff from the trees! Then, the Mu-Grip team slowly melt their mix and hand pour it into a mould. Best of all, you can feel good that by using this wax, you are not damaging the environment.

Oh and did we say it smells great?!