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Jaws - Saturday 5th September

Jaws - Saturday 5th September



JAWS - Certificate - 12A

Length - 2hr 4m

The Steven Spielberg classic that takes little introduction. 

When a killer shark unleashes chaos on a beach community, it's up to a local sheriff, a marine biologist, and an old seafarer to hunt the beast down

‘One of the truly great and lasting classics of American cinema’ Mark Kermode, The Guardian

It's the movie that's been haunting surfers nightmares for decades, and now it's your chance to watch it on the clifftops at our unique drive in cinema.




On site we will have locally sourced street food. Classic popping corn to keep you in the movie spirit. Craft ales alongside a range of non-alcoholic options. To ensure all you have bases are covered.

(n.b. Please bring ID for alcohol service, the bar will be operating a Challenge 25 i.e. if you are fortunate enough to look under 25 you will be asked to present your ID)


Live music playing into your cars upon arrival for the perfect sundowner session. A tombola raffle with some top quality prize giveaways on the night.


The movie audio will be broadcasted on radio 87.9FM. PLEASE ensure you have a functioning car radio, and we also recommend guests bring a back up radio in case of any issues with their car stereo.


Event FAQS are below, if you have any additional questions please email our events team on


Ticketing and Event FAQs

How will I receive my tickets?

We are operating an eTicket system. Upon completion of your order you will receive your tickets via email, and available for download. You will need to bring these along on the night for our team to scan them in.

What tickets do I need to buy?

A car ticket gets you one car, plus the driver. If you want additional passengers you will need to add a passenger ticket to your order.

Car + Driver Ticket - £25

Passenger Ticket - £5 pp

Wild Tipi Pass - If you want to picnic, and watch from the tipi - not your car - £7.50

(n.b. park off site, and access the arena on foot. You may watch from the tipi (limited seating available), or picnic nearby. Advised to bring warm clothing, and a battery operated personal radio. There is audio in the Tipi.)


1 Person coming solo: 1 x Car Ticket - £25

2 People coming: 1 x Car Ticket (£25) + 1 Passenger Ticket (£5) = £30 in total

3 People coming: 1 x Car Ticket (£25) + 2 Passenger Tickets (£10) = £35

4 People coming: 1 x Car Ticket (£25) + 3 Passenger Tickets (£15) = £40

Do I need to have a car?

You can access the site by foot with a wild tipi pass. 

What are the event timings?

The movie screening will start just after sundown, so will vary over the Summer. The majority of our movies last for about 2 hours, and sometimes we will play a trailer or a short movie in advance.

Doors Open - 17 30

We recommend turning up about 2 hours before the screening starts, to make the most of the evening, to watch the sun go down and enjoy the onsite festivities

Expected screening start time - 20 00


Where is the event?

On the clifftops of Watergate Bay, in a field owned by Trebelsue Farm. 

Coming from Watergate Bay: Head up the hill towards Newquay, and the event site is on your right.

What do I put in my sat nav?

If you’re using a smartphone “Boardmasters Festival Site” is a fixed location, that will bring it up.

Post code TR8 4AN

What is the exact location?


How many people per car?

We recommend a maximum of 4 people in a car, for comfort and convenience.

Will I be allowed out of my car?

Yes - we have a range of onsite attractions to enjoy before the showing.

When the movie starts, we will need people in their cars, as this is where the audio streams.

How will I hear the movie?

The audio will be transmitted through your car radio.

Are there any age restrictions

The movies have an age license, which will dictate age restrictions on site.

Policy for under 5s

Under enter the site for free. The location of the event is situated on a clifftop, so ensure that all children are well supervised.

What happens if the event is cancelled?

If the event is cancelled for any reason we will try and reschedule in the first instance, and if this alternative date is not possible we will refund the ticket value.

Temporary pauses

While movies are expected to run come rain or shine pauses may occur in the event of lighting, weather or technical difficulties. These temporary pauses do not qualify as a cancelled event. In the event of a temporary pause instructions will be broadcast to all guests via movie screens and/or audio sources. We will always have the safety of our guests in mind, and when conditions allow (or the difficulties have been overcome) we will continue. 


Will bad weather affect the event?

The event will be rescheduled in the event of high winds, or heavy rain. We will notify our ticket holder as soon as we have confirmed information on the evening.

If the event is cancelled, when will you let us know?

We’ll communicate with you as early as we have a definitive plan.

For the avoidance of doubt, if you do not hear from us the event is on!

What happens if I want to cancel?

The tickets are non-refundable i.e. if you are unable to attend or feel disinclined to attend for any reason the ticket will be non refundable. You may transfer the ticket to a friend.

If I cannot make it can I give my ticket to a friend?

If you are unable to attend or feel disinclined to attend for any reason you may transfer the ticket to a friend. In order to process this transfer simply forward your ticket to a friend, and tell them to present it upon arrival. We will then scan in your ticket, on their behalf when shown. Each ticket can only be used once.

Can I swap my ticket to another night, or another showing?

The date of the ticket is non-transferable. Make sure you book for the right evening. If you book, and are then unable to attend for whatever reason we would encourage you to find a replacement privately.

We are not able to swap tickets for different movies. As above, ensure you book the right night!

Am I allowed to camp on site?

Strictly no overnight stays will be allowed. Under no circumstances.

What happens if I drink too much, and need to drive?

It is vitally important that each car has a designated driver. This person must take their role and responsibility seriously. Under no circumstances should any individual drive under the influence of alcohol. We strongly recommend a no drinking policy for all drivers.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and drink on site?

Yes - people are allowed to bring in their own picnic, and enough drink for what is reasonable for one person. This may be an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.

Any ticket holders bringing food on site, should also be responsible for their own refuse.

Any drinks should be served in recyclable containers, and under no circumstances must any glass be left on site.

Are there accessible facilities?

Accessible lavatories: There will be accessible lavatories on site

Accessible parking: due to the drive in nature of the event there is no requirement for a dedicated accessible parking zone. If you would prefer to be nearer the food and beverage area, or the lavatories please ask our team upon arrival.

N.b. Due to the mobile nature of the event, it will not be possible for us to lay a hard track on site. The location is in a field, which will have firm grounding, and short grass.

Am I allowed to have a bbq on site?

Only pre-prepared food will be allowed on site, bar-be-cues or fires will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Are dogs allowed on site?

As it’s a livestock field no dogs are allowed. The livestock won’t be in there when the movie’s showing, but domestic animals can contaminate the field, with a potential long term negative affect to the livestock. So, no dogs on site.

What types of cars are allowed?

Yes to: Motorbikes, 3 Wheelers, Cars, 4x4s, Vans, Campervans

No to: HGVs and beyond

N.b. if you have a big car you might be asked to park nearer the back so as not to obstruct anyone’s view.

Event and Ticketing are subject to local licensing