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Looking Sideways Vol. 1


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Looking Sideways Vol. 1

A book by Matt Barr & Owen Tozer... 

Words by Matt: 

Californian surf, skate and snow culture has shaped our lives for over 20 years, and we’ve spent our careers documenting and representing the culture of action sports as truthfully and meaningfully as possible. That mission is at the heart of the podcast, and of Looking Sideways Vol. 1. ⁣

The book chronicles our three-week long pilgrimage to California, a trip which saw us journey from Ventura to San Diego in an attempt to understand how Californian board sports culture has shaped the world, and how this culture continues to inform the global perspective of California today. ⁣

That trip saw us meet and interview the people who have defined and shaped modern surfing, skating and snowboarding: from traditionally venerated alphas like surfer Herbie Fletcher and skater Jamie Thomas, to trailblazers such as LGBT surf icon Cori Schumacher and glass-ceiling smashing skateboarder Cara-Beth Burnside. ⁣

Beautifully brought to life throughout by Tozer’s unique photography and embellished by the wisdom of the interviewees and friends we encountered along the way, Looking Sideways Vol. 1 is a record of this journey, a homage to an influential culture in flux, and a lovingly-compiled tribute to the state that continues to define the global board-riding conversation. ⁣


Jamie Brisick, Cara-Beth Burnside, Chris Cote, Herbie Fletcher, Nick Hamilton, Colin Kennedy, Taylor Knox, Greg Long, Kevin Naughton, Craig Peterson, Cori Schumacher, Jamie Thomas, Circe Wallace, Rip Zinger.⁣


Jamie Brisick, Chris Cote, Annie Fast, Dibi Fletcher, Lauren Hill, Jeff Johnson, Ed Leigh, Ben Powell, Rob Machado, Keith Malloy, Ben Mondy, Craig Peterson, Todd Richards, Jen Sherowski, Chas Smith, Demi Taylor, Circe Wallace.⁣