Moon, tide & time clock recycled


This unique triple clock gives an innovative and convenient guide to the tides.

From sailing to sandcastles, we all need to know what the tide is doing. Synchronised to the moon's daily cycle, this unique clock provides an innovative and convenient guide to the tides. Once set, the tide clock will give you the state of the tide at a glance – perfect for avoiding soggy feet and wet jeans!

The innovative and convenient clock tracks the time, tide and the lunar cycle, ideal for predicting tide times and all important harbour tide heights. As the moon determines the size of the tides, this clock will help you predict how big the tide is likely to be. This eco friendly moon clock tracks the lunar cycle and is ideal for predicting tidal heights, peak gardening times and mood swings!

Perfect as a unique gift idea for anyone living near the seaside.

Made from recycled paper packaging, the material has a very solid, robust slate-like look and feel in black. Designed to be wall mounted.

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Ashortwalk is an award-winning company in pioneering eco products based in Perranporth, Cornwall - a stones throw (or a short walk) from the Atlantic Ocean.

Ashortwalk don't see waste just as waste. Utilising raw materials they design, develop and produce pioneering products. From redundant plant pots and coffee cups to seemingly useless things like car bumpers, plastic bottles and yoghurt pots - almost anything you can think of has been turned into durable functional products.

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